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SI Family

One of the long-term visions of Systematic Innovation has been the creation of a non-hierarchical, self-organising ecosystem of like-minded individuals and organisations. One of our key success metrics is the number of people that come and ask us for a job. Create the right environment to allow people to do meaningful work in a self-motivated, high-energy, high-focus way.

These are some of the members of the core family:

Where most of our consulting work happens


The best patent interrogation software in the world

Forget all the AI hype, the best and only serious emotion analytics company on the planet. A big part of the 'measuring what's right' part of the innovation story

The weekly mean(der)ing of life, innovation podcast

Shana Finnegan, RITE Advisory

Experienced COO turned SLT EQ-titan.
When there's a need to work through the myriad people issues associated with innovation and resilience building work, RITE advisory is the only way to go

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