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Connecting Everything

All happy enterprises are alike; each unhappy enterprise is unhappy in its own way.” Leo Tolstoy (Redux)

The final piece in the Day One philosophy was the imperative for uncovering the universal patterns and principles governing how the world works. And doesn’t work.

Now, 11.5 million case-studies later, we know there are millions of ways of solving problems badly. And that there are very few ways (40) of doing it well.

We’re all working on the same problems, we all eventually find the solutions that work. Think of someone with a more extreme version of your problem, and they’ve had to find a solution. Our job is to connect their solution to your problem.

Successful change will still require a Hero’s Journey level of effort. But, again, we know that Journey will be simultaneously unique and yet always be the same.

Sometimes we’re the mentors guiding others through the Hero’s Journey. Sometimes we make Journeys of our own so we understand the differences between reality and the bloody, scar-making reality.

meeting the mentor

crossing the threshold




refusing the call

call to adventure

ordinary world

tests, allies & enemies

approach the inmost cave

the ordeal


death & resurrection

ordinary world

return with elixir


road back


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