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What is systematic innovation? What is TRIZ? Why is there so much hype?

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Welcome to the world of SYSTEMATIC INNOVATION

Watch a 15minute Systematic Innovation overview here. listen to a 15minute Systematic Innovation overview here

Helping you do things better, do things differently or do different things


ž       World leaders in systematic innovation research

ž       Putting all the good stuff into a single, coherent whole

þ       Helping you meet objectives in an effective, efficient and reliable manner

þ      Teaching, consulting, 'inventing to order'




We offer a complete range of SYSTEMATIC INNOVATION capabilities, engaging with users on a breadth of different benefit levels:






Anyone interested in achieving successful innovation has a massive amount of choice when it comes to identifying someone that may be able to help. In order to help you see whether we may be the right team for you, here are some of the things we stand for:


Ž       Making a positive difference to clients

Ž       Treating everyone with respect

Ž       Making a new friend every day

Ž       Commitment to the job creates the only true enjoyment

Ž       Our customers are our grandchildren; always endeavour to take the long term view

Ž       Everyone has to change their own mind; help people discover and see the real facts

Ž       “It’s the whole thing, stupid” (i.e. Keep it simple, stupid doesn’t work)

Ž       Every problem has a win-win solution

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