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everything we believe is about
challenging status quos
turning every stone
sparking meaningful solutions


we do it by
uncovering the fundamentals
running towards paradox
embracing complexity


we are
Systematic Innovation
the only ‘right problem’
finding company
on the planet

New Store, New Address

12 November 2015

We have a new store, which will allow you to download our latest ebooks and software.

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ETRIA Conference

28 October 2015

Full (10 page) version of the AULive/PanSensic paper from the ETRIA conference can be downloaded here.

Click here to download


Innovation Course

Sydney 8-9 October

Brisbane 3-4 December

Experience a two-day immersion in creativity tools and techniques with emphasis on systematising

inspiration from across domains. This course brings structure to creative solution generation, and

demonstrates how to transfer benefits across all domains.

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