Who Are We

We are skin-in-the-game innovators.

We help companies, NGOs and Government agencies to innovate, and we occasionally spin-out our own companies. If we get things wrong, we don’t get paid. Or we lose our own money.

We believe the best way to ensure we get paid and don’t lose our money is to understand – at a first principle level – how the world works. We have spent the last 25 years doing the best we can to unravel as many of its mysteries as we can. We have analysed over 11 million case studies, and have stood on the shoulders of the world’s finest minds. We have sought to see further.

Innovation is about change. Some people want change, others do not. Some people say they want change, but don’t. Some people say they don’t want change, but will. Failure to understand people is why 98% of all innovation attempts fail. Our job is to be in the 2%. In order to get there, it is necessary to understand how people really think.

By standing on the shoulders of psychology giant, Dr. Clare Graves, by integrating AI technologies, and by integrating the ‘DNA’ of innovation, we believe we have now decoded much of the DNA of how and why people think and behave the way they do.

We believe all theories are wrong, but some are useful.

We believe that we have to spend every day challenging our current theories in order to build better ones.

We have generated over $6B in new revenue or savings for our clients. We believe our theories are useful.

We believe they will help you to understand yourself better, help you to work live and play with others better,

and help to build better communities. And, if we do that, maybe, just maybe, we might help make a few tiny steps in the direction of a better, more resilient, higher quality of life society.

You can find out more about us at www.systematic-innovation.com.